Avanti Fresh Market

Redefining the Break Room

At Vend Alaska we recognize the importance of fresh & healthy solutions within the work place. Avanti Fresh Markets offers just that with the convenience of self-serve kiosks & a fully-customizable set up. Avanti Markets offers a far more healthy, convenient and efficient solution to traditional vending.

Avanti Markets are completely customizable and you can choose from hundreds of product options, including healthier choices. Each market is designed specifically for your workplace. Replacing your vending machines with the technology of an Avanti Market eliminates the frustration of dealing with refunds, change, stuck products, or broken machines.


Avanti Markets Benefits:

Customize your food and drink selections

Credit Cards are accepted

Available 24/7 to employees

Renews the company culture

Employees stay in for lunch


"Vend Alaska set up the Avanti Market so that it has become a central meeting place for different departments within our building. I love going into the Avanti Market during the lunch hour and seeing every table and chair filled with employees who do not work together on a regular basis chatting and getting a chance to enjoy each other’s company." Sara: Managing Director at Fedex

"We love our Avanti Market! One of our goals in 2012 was to give our staff healthier options and we chose the Avanti Market because of the variety of fresh and wholesome foods. While we still have all of the staple sodas and chips choices, the presentation and variety of the fresh fruits, veggie trays, sandwiches and salads has become much more appealing to our staff. Thank you Vend Alaska!" Donna: VP of Administration at Credit Union 1